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When Owners Are Away, Dogs Grab Leftovers On The Stove. Moments Later, The House Is On Fire

February 08, 2018

Accidents can happen at the drop of a hat. Thanks to a well-functioning alarm system, one homeowner was able to save this home and his dogs from complete catastrophe.

While a homeowner was away from home, a couple of Golden Retrievers were milling around the house. One happened to catch a whiff of something delicious in the kitchen and decided to investigate.

After a moment of sniffing, he discovered a plate of leftover pancakes on the stove. As dogs do, he decided to help himself with the scrumptious flapjacks. Little did he know that in the process of feasting, he would be starting a disaster that would gain national news.

When he jumped up to get the food, his paw accidentally hit the ignition button on the stove. Within a few moments, a fire started on the stove. In no time at all, the alarm sounded and the house began filling with smoke.

The dog and his playmate both became quite concerned and nestled together on the couch for comfort. Thankfully, the homeowner had video and security systems in place that immediately alerted 9-1-1 of the emergency.

In no time at all, the police and firefighters were on the scene and put the fire out, saving the home and the dogs. Check out the video, below, to see it all go down. This video is a wonderful reminder to all of us to be sure our alarms are in perfect working condition because it can save belongings and, most importantly, lives.

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