Abandoned By Her Breeder Because Of Her Appearance. See How Her Condition Turns Heads Left And Right.

August 11, 2017

Once upon a time a dog was born by the name of Sassy.  Due to poor breeding, she was born with a condition known as Dwarfism;  A rare disease where the dog’s bones and cartilage do not grow which can result in deformity in their overall body, outwardly and inwardly.  Dogs with Dwarfism can live with quite a bit of pain their whole lives.  Crippled legs, breathing issues, enlarged joints, and sometimes spinal discomforts, are just a few dwarfism symptoms.  Not to mention their deformed outward appearance that sometimes makes it a bit difficult for them to get around in their every day to day activity.  

Now that you know the defects of dwarfism, I can now tell you more about the amazing Sassy, her will to beat the odds, and her love for bigger dogs.  Sassy’s life did not start out as a happily ever after story!  Hang in there because just like Cinderella, there’s a possible chance she’ll find her glass slipper.

Due to Sassy’s appearance, she was abandoned at a very young age by her owners. Crooked legs, horrible hip dysplasia, flipper feet, and underdeveloped paws were just a few of the struggles that Sassy dealt with on a day to day basis.  Through the loss of her owners and condition she was in she did not give up hope or become bitter inside.  

Then one day a man came into the shelter looking to adopt a dog.  What he didn’t realize was he was about to fall head over heels for a tiny pit bull who was no ordinary pit.  The moment he met Sassy he realized just how lovely and stunning she really was.  He knew Sassy had found her forever home and that his life was about to change for the better.  

It was brought to his attention immediately that Sassy did not realize she had a condition.  She was happy as a clam, lived life to the fullest, loved big dogs and in her mind was a “big pit bull”.   Even though she was not aware of her condition there were still some obstacles she would have to face such as only living a short three-year life span (like everyone warned), and limitations with her mobility due to her condition. With all that said, Sassy’s will to beat the odds was greater than anyone imagined and to everyone’s amazement, she celebrated her fifth birthday.  

Every day she conquered obstacles such as climbing stairs and giving high-fives with her crippled legs and paws.  She fought the good fight and lived happily ever after in her world where she chose happiness and joy with every breath she took.  Watch this video to see just how inspiring Sassy is!