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Pup Gets Trapped On Jagged, Rusty Gate, Gruesomely Gashing Herself As She Frantically Flails To Get Free. Will Her Hero Get There In Time?

February 26, 2018

The life of a street dog is never pretty. All alone left to fend for themselves, they often wind up in dangerous and sometimes life-threatening situations. That is what happens to the sweet girl in our story. Miscalculating a simple jump through the bars of a metal fence, she finds herself caught and unable to go anywhere!

Half of her body is on one side, and the other remains behind. The saddest thing is that as she struggles to escape, the jagged metal edges cut into her skin, causing painful injuries.

Her pitiful cries are almost too much to take. Neighbors who witnessed the incident do not approach the trapped pup, concerned that in her fear and pain she might lash out and bite them. As much as they might want to help her, it is probably a very wise decision.

Instead, they pick up the phone and make a crucial call - to Animal Aid Unlimited - to see if someone would come right away to help the agitated animal.

When the rescuers arrive, they have to figure out a plan of attack so they can release the panicked pup without injuring her further. First step - to calm her down and gain her trust.

Experts in conveying true compassion and friendship, the A.A.U. professionals manage to achieve this goal in no time at all. After soothing her with gentle words and reassuring caresses, they begin at the head, gently easing it back through the bars. Step two completed!

So far, so good. The hindquarters will not be so simple. This part is definitely s a two-man job. While one savior controls the dog's head, the other lifts up her back legs and raises her to where the bars are most widely spaced; with a little pressure the two men are able to get both halves of the dog on the same side of the gate.

Being as gentle as possible, it still becomes necessary to use some force to get her flanks through the gate. It must frighten or hurt her a bit because she suddenly reaches back and nips at one of the rescuers, but it does not dissuade him from completing the task. Poor girl. If only she could understand what they are trying to do!!

Now that the rescue mission is completed, it’s off to the clinic to check the sweet girl for injuries. Her savior accompanies her in the back of the rescue vehicle and they are off.

When they arrive at the shelter, vets discover that she has a bad case of Mange, along with the minor abrasions she incurred from all the wrestling with the unforgiving metal gate. All treatable and non-life-threatening. Thank goodness!

Once her treatment for her skin condition is completed, she will be spayed there at the shelter and allowed to live out the rest of her days at the A.A.U. facilities. There, she will enjoy the company of not only these kind angels who saved her life, but also that of other former street animals who have been redeemed from a life of loneliness, neglect, and abuse.

Thank heavens that there are such amazing people in this world who go out of their way to make sure every living creature has a fighting chance to live a decent life.

To learn more about this sweet girl’s ordeal and eventual redemption, just click on the video, below.

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