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Beachgoers Came Across A Whale Stranded On The Shore, They Were Sure It Was A Lost Cause. When Everyone Joined Forces, They Were Able To Give It A New Chance

February 26, 2018

When beachgoers in Chile came across a large blue whale stranded on the beach, they knew time was of the essence. Whales that become stranded often end up as nothing more than a sad tale when they are unable to be taken back out to the ocean. Blue whales are one of the biggest mammals on the entire planet, making it even harder to save their lives.

The locals refused to give up on the whale and set about trying to save its life. People passing by joined forces with fishermen and even the Navy to free this gorgeous creature from what was surely going to be its grave. It was hard work to get this stunning whale back into its watery home so that it could be given another chance at life.

After they got it back into the water, boats towed it out into the ocean. Three hours after the rescue attempt started and five kilometers from the beach, they were able to cut the ropes around the whale and free him back into the deep ocean, safe and sound. I dread to think what could have happened if it wasn’t for those beachgoers willing to give up their relaxing day to save the whale’s life.