Abused Dog Was Unrecognizable When Rescuers Found Her. Her Transformation Amazed Everyone She Met

September 27, 2017

Caci's story was followed closely by an organization in New York called the New York Bully Crew. The organization dedicated their lives to helping dogs, just like Caci, find their forever homes. So, after Caci was spayed and was strong enough to travel, the rescuers in Peurto Rico put her on a plane and sent her off to New York to meet her new friends. Caci was greeted by the most loving people she had ever met and she knew that her life had changed forever!

Caci was thrown a welcoming party shortly after she arrived. At her party, Caci was introduced to a plethora of new doggie friends as well. In no time at all, Caci was running and playing with every new friend she met. Cacai was even given a special foster home with one of the founders of the organization.

While Caci is still in need of a forever home, nothing could steal the smile she had on her face. She had been given a new life with new friends and so many people that loved and cared about her. What could have been a great tragedy turned into Caci's greatest triumph ash she transformed from abused to adored. Watch the video below to see Caci's amazing journey and make sure to check out New York Bully Crew online to find out how you can help!

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