5 Reasons No One Should Ever Own A German Shepherd

January 26, 2018

German Shepherds are some of the worst dogs around! These furry little monsters are always shedding and leaving your house looking a disaster. In case you needed more reasons, we’re bringing you five reasons why no one should ever own one of these horrible dogs!

1. They’re little monsters who are going to chew up all of their favorite toys and try to bribe you with the cutest little puppy eyes you’ve ever seen.

2. They’re always going to show you up in photographs because they’re ridiculously photogenic.

3. When you bring out a tennis ball, they morph into crazy monsters, especially if they’re near water to swim in!

4. They always want a day out and about, especially at the beach! In fact, they tend to get quite sad if you keep them locked away too long!

5. They’re going to steal your covers every chance they get, like the little terrors they are.

Alright, maybe German Shepherds aren’t as bad as we thought. They might actually be good pets, but be careful, they may just steal your heart at the end of the day! They’re quite notorious for that.