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Curious Cat Won't Budge From This Box. When You See What's Inside, You'll Be Rolling In Laughter!

September 18, 2017

We all know that cats can be mischievous little creatures, but that is one of the more entertaining things about being a cat parent. You never know what funny thing your impish feline is going to do next. This sneakiness and playfulness are epitomized by the cute kitty in this story. She is hiding a secret, and it’s one that keeps trying to get out!

One afternoon, Nelly’s mom finds her sitting on a chair in the living room. Underneath the cat, is an old white box she had, evidently, found in the garbage. Nelly's mom doesn't really mind her cat sitting on top of the box, but she is concerned when she notices that her other cat, Gilbert, is mysteriously missing. That’s when Nelly's mom looks more closely at the box and realizes it is moving!

All of a sudden, a furry head pops out of the top of the box. It is Gilbert! Nelly has, apparently, tricked her kitty brother into getting inside the box, only to sit on top of him, trapping him inside! Nelly swats Gilbert's nose, forcing him back inside his cardboard prison. Eventually, however, Nelly decides she wants to see her brother again and sets Gilbert free. Gilbert doesn't seem to mind the fact that he has been a furry prisoner, and the two siblings give each other a lick of affection. As I said, you never know what surprise you are going to get from your cats on any given day! Watch the video, below, to see the hysterical feline duo.

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