Bella Has Been Lounging In The Same Place For 7 Years. When Her Owners Get A New Couch, She’s Booted From Her Spot. Her Rebuttal To That Decision Is Adorable

October 27, 2017

One of my favorite things to do is get new furniture; I love going to the store to pick out a new living room or bedroom set, getting it home, and setting it up. It completely changes the feel of a room. There’s nothing better than working hard to get everything organized, and then finally getting to plop down on your new couch and enjoy the comfort of your new furniture.

A Boxer-mom, named Cathy, feel the same way as I do! After months or reorganizing her living space, Cathy has finally put the finishing touches on her new living room. She has only one thing left to do - the celebratory plop on the couch. As she does she looks around, pleased with her selections, and entirely relaxed. But there is one special someone who doesn’t have quite the same satisfaction as Cathy does.

Bella, Cathy’s dog, anxiously awaits for her invitation to the join Cathy on the couch. After all, Bella has been just as excited for the new couch as Bella has! Heck, this is one dog that lives for stretching out on the couch and staring out the window. Cathy notices Bella’s confused look and then realizes what her cuddly pup is waiting for.

Cathy explains that this new couch is not for dogs and Bella is, as expected, utterly confused. “What is taking so long? Why can’t I just get on the couch? Why can’t I sit up there with you? That’s my spot!” Bella does have a point…the old couch has been her lounging-spot for the past seven years!

Bella, the dog that had taken complete ownership of the previous couch, looks at Cathy as if she were the confused one, “I know she’s not talking to me! The couch is for dogs... The couch is my doggy-bed and I should’ve been breaking-in that thing hours ago!” Bella is puzzled and very boisterous, to say the very least.

Bella stares at Cathy a little longer, just waiting for her invitation to the couch, but Cathy has no plans to have Bella join her on the brand-new sofa. As Cathy begins to explain that Bella needs to stay on the floor, Bella interrupts and begins her argument as to why she belongs on the new couch. She begins to howl up a storm, stating why she deserves her spot on the new couch.

Cathy recorded her dog’s reaction to the new seating arrangement and Bella’s response is too cute. She howls for nearly five minutes! Luckily, after some skillful persuasion, Bella convinces Cathy to let her back on the couch - and all is right with the world.

Check out the adorable dialogue between Cathy and her relentless and persuasive boxer by clicking on this link!

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