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After He Is Saved, Rory Needs Immediate Medical Assistance. Then, He Meets Two Doctors Who Stop At Nothing To Make Sure He Lives The Best Life He Possibly Can

November 21, 2017

There are times in life that we need friends to rally around us so we can overcome adversity. Often, new friends can enter our lives at the most opportune moments, especially when we face trials. Take, for instance, a beautiful Golden Retriever named Rory. Rory lived in miserable circumstances for the first part of his life, but thank goodness that there are good people in the world that are determined to give Rory and many other dogs a completely new start.

Rory lives in Big Trout Lake in Ontario. His former owner neglected Rory, every single day, and the dog rapidly lost weight and trust in people. Luckily, for Rory and 58 other dogs in the area, a team of people put together a massive rescue plan to bring all of the lovable pups into safe and secure homes. The team picks Rory up and takes him to the airport for transfer, but everyone notices that Rory is in worse shape than some of the other dogs.

Rory walks with a terrible limp and cannot put weight on his back left leg. The team is concerned and knows that Rory will require special attention and surgery. As fate would have it, two doctors step up to help Rory, even before the triage process is complete. The team takes Rory to Champlain Animal Hospital, where he meets his saving-grace in the form of Doctors Brian Noble and Nora Fortune.

The doctors immediately take X-rays of Rory's entire body and, in no time at all, the reason for the dog's extreme limp becomes all too clear. Rory is suffering from a complicated fracture in his hip-region, where the tip of his femur has broken off. The cause of this terrible fracture only adds to the severity of the situation; Rory also has a bullet lodged in his hip. The poor dog is the victim of a senseless shooting. The need for reconstructive surgery is now paramount.

Once the doctors prep him for his surgery, Rory goes under sedation, and the tedious process begins. Specialist Doctor Faessen works to remove the piece of bone that is broken off of Rory's femur. Once the bone is removed, another doctor, Tamara Lightbody, removes the bullet from Rory's abdomen. Rory's hip socket is then repaired, and the wound stitched shut. Rory comes through the ordeal beautifully, and the healing process begins for the happy and, now, healthy pup.

Rory's trust in people comes back with each passing day. In what seems like no time at all, Rory meets his new mom who gives him a safe place to call his forever home. Rory makes a flawless and incredible recovery. He is able to run, jump, and play to his heart's content for the rest of his days. Rory's life started in adversity, but his new life wipes away any memory of his past pain. Rory's life shows us that, with the right people around us, there is no mountain that can stand in our way! You can see Rory's story in the video, below!


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