Bean Is The Most Handsome Mutt We’ve Ever Seen, And He Also Happens To Be A Mix Of Some Rather Unusual Breeds

November 17, 2017

Bean is a breathtaking black-and-dark-brown Brindle pup who happens to be one of the most unusual dog breeds around! Bean is a mixed breed, the result of a pairing between a Shar-Pei and an American Staffordshire Terrier. He definitely inherited the best looks of both breeds, without a doubt.

Bean is one of the most handsome pups around, and he’s been winning over hearts ever since he was a baby! His good looks have always caught the eye of people passing by on the street, who have a hard time believing that this gorgeous pup is actually a mutt! Of course, it just helps raise awareness that even mutts can be perfect family friends!

When Bean isn’t raising awareness about mutts, you can find him playing with his little sister Isla, another American Staffordshire Terrier mix! Bean has taken his younger sister under his wing and has been teaching her everything he knows - from how to find the best spot for a nap to what toy is the absolute greatest. These two are surely the best of friends.

Bean loves to spend his days going on long walks and getting out into nature. He absolutely adores swimming, and will always take advantage of every chance he gets to get his paws wet - except when it’s bath time, of course. Bean is definitely one of the most adventurous pups around!

Bean is one of the most spectacular pets around, and he’s sure to win the hearts of everyone who meets him. Looking at his absolutely adorable photos also happens to be one of the best ways around to bring a smile to any dog lover's face! Thankfully, it seems as though there are still many years to come where we can enjoy these gorgeous photos!

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