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After Surviving A Fiery Plane Crash And Severe Burns All Over His Body, One Man Vows To Be The Change That He So Desperately Needed In His Perilous Journey

November 03, 2017

We have heard the phrase, "Be the change you want to see in the world." We’ve all had times in our lives when we would have liked to change the world in one way or another. It’s unfortunate that, sometimes, it takes a tragedy to show us just how much change is actually needed. Harry knows this truth all too well. His story begins when he is doing his job, flying high above the earth in his plane.

Harry is a conservation flyer and is cruising on one of his regular routes over the plains of Kenya. Something on the ground catches Harry's eye; he thinks he sees a lion pride, so he makes a sharp turn to circle back around for a closer look. At that same moment, however, a strong gust of wind hits the plane, which sends it and Harry into a downward spiral. A moment later, the plane smashes into the ground. Flames engulf the wreckage, with Harry still trapped inside.

With flames all around him, Harry manages to claw through the wreckage and out into the open air. Harry sits in astonishment, burned and in pain, but alive, nonetheless. The pilot is all alone, however, and more than five miles away from any sort of help. Harry knows that he cannot hope to survive if he stays where he is, so he gathers his strength and begins the journey toward civilization.

Harry has enough fortitude to run and does so for a time but, with burns covering nearly half of his body, pain threatens to overtake him with every step. After miles of running, Harry comes to an obstacle that threatens to overwhelm him. Lying before him is a river, which is infamously inhabited by crocodiles and hippos. Harry knows that if he tries to find a way around the river, it could take precious hours; hours that he cannot afford to waste. So, throwing caution to the wind, Harry dives into the river and begins to swim.

Harry doesn't encounter any crocodiles or hippos but is in so much pain as he swims that he screams out. When Harry is nearly to the shore on the other side of the river, a man hears the pilot's screams and comes to his aid. The man rushes Harry to a nearby hospital, but Harry is soon transferred to Johannesburg because he needs special care for his burns. Harry also sustains some infections because of his swim through the filthy river.

The doctors around Harry do everything they can for him but, ultimately, it is up to Harry to fight for his life. Harry fights hard and conquers all the odds and survives. Harry is soon taken to the U.S. for rehab and, while he is there, he is struck with an idea; and an idea that could change many people's lives.

Harry decides to help open a burn center in Kenya. Harry teams up with the Kenya Foundation and, soon, work is underway to erect the treatment center. The new burn unit offers the same resources that are available in the U.S., to burn victims in Kenya that have no options of travel. Harry makes sure that what he went through isn't in vain. Instead of letting the tragedy break him, he breaks new ground to help the people he loves so much. Harry is not only thriving after his ordeal but is helping others thrive through even the hardest of circumstances.

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