Dog Holds 2 Titles In The Guinness Book Of World Records, And He Does It All While Being Completely Adorable

November 07, 2017

Meet Norman! He’s a French Sheepdog, internet sensation, and two-time Guinness World Record holder! Currently, he holds the titles for: “Fastest 30 Meters on a Scooter by a Dog” and “Fastest 30 Meters on a Bicycle by a Dog.” This pup is a total powerhouse of cuteness and awesomeness, all in one!

Norman lives with his family who considers him the happiest and best pup in the world!

Not only is he utterly adorable, he is beyond-talented on different kinds of balance boards such as scooters, surfboards, and even skateboards. His fastest time on the scooter is 20.77 seconds, and his fast time on the bicycle is 55.41 seconds!

Norman loves when the wind blows through his hair, and his owners strongly believe that their pup can feel the adrenaline as he soars on the wheels of his skateboards and scooters.

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