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Teenage Girl Selflessly Skips Her Senior Prom To Help The Homeless In Her City. Her Heart For People Inspires Everyone She Meets

November 07, 2017

We all have different dreams and callings that are unique to each individual. There are some callings, however, that we all should take part in as a human race; loving your neighbor as yourself is one such universal calling. A young woman, named Ashley Yong, takes this universal calling very personally and hopes that her life inspires others in the world to love generously.

At this point in her life, Ashley is a senior in High School. She is well-liked and has a personality that instantly wins over anyone she talks to. It comes time for the senior prom, and everyone is excited about the fun evening of dancing and reminiscing with friends. When asked about her prom plans, however, Ashley informs everyone that she won't be attending. When asked, "Why not?" Ashley informs her friends she has something more important to do.

Ashley is planning to use that night to pack some boxes full of supplies, and give them to the homeless people in her city. Ashley has been researching for some time now, and she realizes that the need of the homeless community is far greater than her need to go to her prom. Ashley also realizes that, in order to provide people with the best products possible, she is going to need a good deal of money. So, Ashley gives everyone in her school and her community the opportunity to donate funds to her cause.

Students, teachers, and many other people are all-too-eager to donate to Ashley and, in what seems like no time at all, Ashley has all the money she needs to put her plan into action. Ashley and her father go on a shopping spree to get all the supplies they need. They soon have enough supplies to fill 20 boxes! While her friends head off to their prom that evening, Ashley heads home to start putting her packages together.

Every box includes clothing items like socks and shirts, as well as food items like crackers, granola bars, fruit cups, and bottled water. Products such as band-aids, ointments, and chap-stick are also included in every package, so recipients can have a little help with medical needs and hygiene. Once all the boxes are complete, Ashley and her dad set out to be a blessing to the homeless community.

Ashley and her father make their way around the city of Chicago, dropping off boxes to homeless individuals and families. Some people are asleep when Ashley pulls up, so she leaves the boxes next to them. That way, they will have a lovely surprise when they wake up. Others are wide-awake and eager to receive their gifts. Ashley meets one particular family of three; she is touched by the look on the mother's face when she receives two boxes of supplies for herself and two children. It puts everything into perspective for Ashley.

When people hear about Ashley's night of blessings, they are inspired to love the people around them even more. Sometimes all it takes is one person to change the perspective of an entire city. Ashley may have missed her senior prom, but she didn't miss the elation of the spirit that only blessing someone else can bring.

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