Abused Dog Screams When Touched By Women. When She Refuses To Give Up Watch The Power Of Love Unfold!

August 03, 2017

We want to envision our world as being warm, fuzzy and in a constant state of utopia.  However, when reality sets in we know that it can be a cruel and harsh world.  Cruelty to animals is just one aspect where many of us want to close our eyes and wish it away forever because we have no idea where to start and how to get rid of this horrible issue.


In this story of redemption you will see an abused dog screaming as a lady tries to touch her.  Obviously, this dog’s past is so horrible and heartbreaking that many would say this dog is a lost cause with no future of ever learning to love any human. Many would also say “why would I even want to watch this video” or “Why would I want to see this dog in this state?”   Read on my friend!


The power of love is greater than many of us could ever imagine!  Watch the video till the end and you’ll witness it right before your eyes.  With perseverance and never giving up on this poor abused shelter dog, you will see the second chance she’s given, the steps that are taken to help this dog learn to love and finally love that flows abundantly from this sweet fur baby.  Once in a horrible state and now loving and living blissfully in her new life that she’s been given.  Even though this world can be harsh, there’s another fact that we all need to face and that is the power of love is greater than any past, fear, trial or circumstance.  That my friends is what we need to open our eyes too!

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