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Little Liar Gets Caught And The Result Will Have You Rolling With Laughter.

February 20, 2018

When you were a little kid you thought that your parents never knew what you were really up to. They seemed oblivious to the truth, no matter how obvious it was. For all you knew, you were a brilliant criminal mastermind that had the superpowers of “getting away with it”.

When you were caught, it was by pure luck or someone told on you. It was never a lack of genius on your part. This, of course, was pure fantasy and the lack of getting caught usually could be chalked up to your parents being too tired to deal with the situation, or they simply were amused by the shenanigans you and your siblings pulled off.

This cute little bundle of joy is no different. Her mother finds this cute little munchkin sitting next to a pile of outdoor chalk.

Her face is absolutely covered in various colors of blue, green, pink and yellow sidewalk chalk and her smile is bigger than the sky as it stretches from East to West.

Her mother asks, “Have you been eating chalk?” and the little girl simply replies, “Nooooo”. Normally a lie will get a bit of discipline in most situations, but if angels could sing the word “no”, then I think it must sound a bit like her cute little voice.

Have your kids ever done something like this to you? Probably not because your children were true angels through and through. But if so, tell us about it in the comments! Don't forget to watch the video below and watch this cutie work her magic. 

Watch the video and tell us what you would have done!