Bear Was Left In An Abandoned House To Die With 30 Other Dogs. They Were Saved In the Nick Of Time Thanks To Rescuers

November 03, 2017

Bear is a gorgeous Hound/Shepherd mixed-breed dog who lives with his doting family in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Bear loves to spend his days playing with his canine pals or going on long walks on the Capital Greenbelt. His favorite things to do are to swim in the area’s creeks and bound through piles of leaves, come Fall. While Bear may be living a dream now, the first years of his life were like a nightmare.

The first few years of Bear’s life were spent in West Virginia where he was owned by a hoarder. Bear and 30 other dogs lived in a small house with their owner. The house was dirty, rarely cleaned, and full of their own waste. The food was scarce, divided among the 30 dogs. Their owner could not take care of all 30 dogs because they quickly became overwhelmed.

When the owner lost complete control and was forced to leave the home, Bear and all the other dogs were left behind. With very little food or water, it was clear that there was not much time for the dogs to get help before they would die. Luckily for them, it wasn’t long before someone discovered them and got them into the care of Paws ‘n Time Animal Rescue in York, Pennsylvania.

It took a while to get the dogs healthy again. They had to make sure the pups gained the right amount of weight, but not too quickly, which could be dangerous! They also had to give them all full checkups and grooms, cleaning all the feces off of them and getting them up-to-date on their shots. Bear didn’t have long to wait at the rescue after getting healthy before his forever family adopted him.

It was love at first sight for Bear’s family, but it wasn’t that way for him. His time with the hoarder had taught this amazing dog to be fearful of people, and he refused to make eye contact with anyone at all. When they would take him outside to go potty or do anything, he would shake and panic, terrified of the outdoors.

Bear began to learn that his new family meant him no harm, and only wanted to be there for him. In less than four months, this tenacious pup overcame his horrible past. Nowadays, he loves to snuggle up to his family on the couch, and romp through the woods. Bear was able to overcome his horrible beginning in life all thanks to the hard work of the rescuers and his loving family.

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