Suki Overcame Being Abandoned And Broken, To Find A Loving Fur-ever Home

kittens rescue
October 16, 2017

Suki is a sweet black kitten with glowing yellow eyes, who was found abandoned on the street. The police in Spain found her and brought her to Viktor Larkhill, who is an animal rescuer. She arrived in a cardboard box and was broken - in more ways than one.

When her rescuers moved her small, fragile body, she cried out in pain. It was clear that she was injured, as the medical crew could feel a bone threatening to rupture through her skin. X-rays revealed that the poor creature had a badly fractured femur. If she was going to survive, Suki was in need of immediate surgery.


Suki made it through the surgery and, after a few weeks of recovery, was ready to be adopted into a loving, fur-ever home! After searching through many adoption applications for the gentle kitty, Vicktor took her by train to Barcelona to meet her new family. After a short life of enduring pain and abuse, Suki is now happily living with her new fur-ever family!

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