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Bodega Cats Are Some Of The Most Beloved Residents Of New York City. When You Get A Look At These Hardworking Felines, It's Not Hard To See Why

September 08, 2017

Bodega cats are one of the most beloved parts of living in New York City. These felines live in the small bodegas, or shops, that line the streets of the city, and they help keep the rat population in check. People love their bodega cats so much that, it’s often said, a good bodega is marked by a good cat. If you’re ever in New York City, simply look for a bodega with a cat to find a great local shop!

An Instagram account has been started where people can share their own photos of the local bodega cats, and it’s full of some of the cutest photos! You can find regal cats, lounging on boxes or in shopping baskets. In fact, a few of them seem to enjoy taking shelter in the fridge on a hot summer day!

Bodega cats have an important task, and that’s an important reason to be kept around! Rats are a huge problem in the city, and they will easily destroy all of a bodega’s inventory if given half a chance. They also spread a multitude of diseases - including the plague. By keeping a bodega cat around, you can be assured that the items for sale haven’t been nibbled on by a rat!

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