Brave Family Dog Picks A Fight With Child's Dinosaur Toy, And The Toy Comes Away With The Victory

October 19, 2017

I have always been under the impression that dogs are some of the bravest and most loyal animals on the planet. While the loyalty part may be true, some dogs are a little less-brave than others, to say the least. Take, for instance, this family dog who, up until this point, has proven himself to be made of stronger stuff. On this particular evening, however, his bravery is put to a rather different test.

The dog enters the scene, and everything seems to be normal. The family is laughing at something on the television, and the loyal canine takes his seat next to some of the children. The dog looks around again, and that is when he notices something on the floor that wasn't there before.

A new, bright-green T-Rex toy lies on the ground, mere feet from where the dog is sitting. The canine is curious and a little distrustful of the vicious-looking plastic toy. The family notices the pup's interest and decides to have a little fun. One of the adults calls the dog over, so their pet can inspect the dinosaur more closely. The pup puts on his bravest face and approaches the newcomer.

The dog gives the toy a sniff; he doesn't realize, however, that his dad who is sitting in the chair nearby, has his foot on the back of the toy. The dad gives the dinosaur a quick push, which launches the toy forward, making the dog think he is being attacked! The "courageous" canine doesn't hold his ground, however, and, quite literally, jumps into the other room.

The family laughs hysterically but feels slightly bad at the fright they have given the pooch. The wary animal comes back in and gives the toy a disdainful look, but keeps his distance all the same. The dog tries to pluck up his courage one more time and starts barking at the toy, but the dad gives the toy another push and the dog retreats, yet again. Well, this dog may be a little bit of a scaredy-cat, but as long as he doesn't have to defend the house against tiny dinosaurs anytime soon, he may still have a job.

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