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Hobo Suffered Horrible Atrocities At The Hands Of People. Now He’s Living The Good Life

October 18, 2017

Hobo is a gorgeous four-year-old dog who lives in Vienna with his doting family. Hobo’s life, though, wasn’t always happy and full of love. In fact, the first few years of his life were spent running loose on the streets of Bratislava, Slovakia, as a terrified and homeless stray. Thankfully, that would all change for the better one Fall day, and he’d be on his way to a better life.

Hobo’s time on the streets was horrible, and when rescuers found him, his back was severely burnt thanks to people who only saw him as a pest to be driven away. He was starving and scared, scrounging for food in the trash cans and dumpsters in the town, trying to survive. Winter was drawing near, and they weren’t sure that Hobo would be able to survive the season when he was rescued.

Hobo was terrified at the rescue and refused to leave the small pillow he was sleeping on. He was scared of the other large dogs in the shelter and always hung back when people would enter the facility - until one day when a young couple entered the shelter, and he decided to approach them. They took him for a walk and fell in love right away. They even loved the brown fur on his back that was scarred from his burn.

Within one week of meeting the young couple, Hobo was living in a nice apartment in Vienna with his new family! Since then, this playful pup has earned himself the nickname of ‘The Ghoul’ because of his colorations, his desire to eat everything stinky, and his love to walk with his head hunched down! His family loves him to the moon and back, and they can’t imagine their lives without their very own Ghoul.

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