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Vinnie Spent The First Years Of His Life Chained Up In A Yard. Now He’s A ‘Spokes-dog’ And Poses For Billboards

October 19, 2017

Vinnie is a six-year-old American Bullmastiff whose face may be on billboards now, but the start of his life wasn’t good at all. Vinnie spent the first two years of his life living a nightmare with no end in sight. He was chained-up in a yard and starved. Vinnie was never let off the chain, never went for a walk on a leash, and was never even invited into the house!

When Animal Control heard about Vinnie’s plight, they convinced his owner to surrender him. When Animal Control was unable to find a loving home for Vinnie, the American Bullmastiff Association Rescue Service stepped in and took him into their rescue, saving Vinnie’s life again. Vinnie wasn’t with the American Bullmastiff Association Rescue Service very long before he was adopted by a young family looking for their next addition.

When Vinnie was adopted, they realized that this delightful dog was so friendly and even-tempered, that he would make an amazing Therapy Dog. Vinnie had already begun helping Jonathan, their son who has learning disabilities. Vinnie assists Jonathan with his mobility and his fine motor skills! Of course, the hardest part of getting Vinnie ready to be a Therapy Dog was dealing with the fact that he possessed no manners, had lived his whole life outside, and had been alone most of his life.

With some hard work and dedication, they slowly began to teach him all of the manners he needed to know. He learned to walk politely on a loose leash, and to sit patiently with children and others who have learning disabilities. Slowly, his training reached the right level, and he was able to become a Certified Therapy Dog! Now, he goes to schools and libraries to help students read!

Vinnie has become the poster-dog for American Bullmastiff Association Rescue and has helped bring awareness to their cause! Vinnie has been on the cover of multiple calendars, and even gets his own booth at pet fairs where he poses for photos! He also is the model for a local rescue, to help raise awareness and get other dogs adopted! This amazing dog has gone from spending his life on a chain to appearing on billboards all over town!

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