Charming Downtown Office Cat Raising A Paw To Help The Homeless. When You See How You Will Want To Play Along Too

September 19, 2017

Sir Whines-A-Lot is a rescue cat who now lives a charmed life. He is the office cat for his people's business, GuRuStu, a marketing agency in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. His favorite thing is to people-watch at the front door.

His people began noticing that there was often cash on the floor, by the door, on Saturdays and some Sunday afternoons. Knowing that they didn't have clients paying by sliding cash under the door, they were a little puzzled as to how this kept occurring.

They had a sneaking suspicion, though, that it just might have something to do with their playful kitty. After coming up with a hypothesis about how he might be doing it, they tested the theory. They were shocked to learn that they were right. Their sweet, charming kitty, was also a playful hustler!

After discovering what a great knack he had for getting people to give him money through the door, Sir Whines-A-Lot did not seem like the proper name for him anymore. The feisty feline's name was changed to CASHnip Kitty and he is gaining popularity every day!

You are probably wondering how he gets people to give him money. You see, there is a small crack through the front doors and, as people walk by, CASHnip Kitty follows them. First, he gets their attention. Then, to get him to play with them, people put dollar bills through the door, where he snatches them right out of the air!

CASHnip Kitty is very generous with his hard-earned cash; he donates every single dime to the Tulsa Day Center For The Homeless. Coming from a shelter, himself, and being in the heart of downtown, he knows that the homeless population is growing. In addition, the organizations that serve this neglected population are in dire need of financial assistance. For all of his good work, a local furniture company thought CASHnip Kitty deserved a nice comfy bed instead of the hard floor to sleep on, so they donated a lovely bench seat for him.


CASHnip Kitty is becoming such a popular celebrity in Tulsa that everyone who hears his story wants to stop by and play his game with him! That's fine with CASHnip Kitty. The more he plays, the more money he raises for those less fortunate.

Watch the video, below, to see CASHnip Kitty in action and, if you live in the Tulsa area, maybe you can stop by and play a game with him! It's for a good cause!

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