Cow Won’t Stop Crying And Nobody Knows Why. What Rescuers Discover Will Bring You To Tears

September 01, 2017

After spending much of her life on a dairy farm, things were needing to change in order for this defenseless cow to live a healthy, full life. By some great miracle, rescuers come and transport her to a nearby sanctuary where transformation and a brand new blissful life can begin for this destitute cow. Or so they think.


Arriving at the sanctuary, her new safe and loving home, she begins to react in a peculiar manner. Pacing and crying, she appears to be on edge. Everyone can tell that happiness is not encompassing her life as it should. As the rescuers begin to observe her behavior on a day-to-day basis, they recognize her call. From past experiences with other cows, they know this to be a common call that many mother cows let out when looking for their baby calf. Unaware of her even having a calf, they decide to go back to the dairy farm one last time, just to make sure her calf hasn't been left behind. Crossing their fingers, they approach the owner of the farm and soon discover that she does, in fact, have a calf. Kindly, the man gives the calf to the rescuers so mother and baby can be united again.


Immediately, the rescuers transport the calf to the sanctuary. Before the mother is even able to see her baby, she recognizes his cry in the back of the trailer, and the two start mooing back and forth. As the calf is released into the field, the mother and child head straight for each other. Together again, they are happy and content in their blissful new home. Life is exactly as it should be. This mother’s love is unexplainable and their reuniting is something you will not want to miss! 

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