Dauphine Bijoux Belonged To A Puppy Mill Until She Couldn’t Produce Puppies. Then, She Was Adopted By A Loving Family

November 03, 2017

Dauphine-Bijoux is a gorgeous long-haired Chihuahua who lives with her adoring momma. Dauphine-Bijoux is affectionately known as “Fatty” to her friends and family, because she loves to eat everything she can, whenever she can. Dauphine-Bijoux is spoiled rotten, getting homemade organic meals made just for her, and always getting to wear designer accessories and clothing to keep her warm - and fashionable!

Dauphine-Bijoux may be living the good life now, a spoiled and beloved family member, but it wasn’t always so. In fact, the first few years of her life were the complete opposite of everything she enjoys now. Where she now enjoys a lavish home and amazing food, she once endured horrifying conditions and little food.

Dauphine-Bijoux belonged to a Pennsylvania puppy mill, where she was forced to produce litter after litter of puppies for breeders who did not care about her or her health at all, only how many puppies she could produce. She lived in a tiny cage where she was trapped, being fed just enough to keep her and her puppies alive. Her cage was rarely, if ever, cleaned, creating extremely dangerous conditions. She received no medical care, not even when she desperately needed it.

When Dauphine-Bijoux had two miscarriages that produced no puppies, the breeders decided she was not worth their time anymore. They abandoned her at a high-kill shelter to die, not caring what happened to her. Her teeth were rotting out of her mouth from the lack of dental care, and she was still bleeding from her last miscarriage. She was also extremely underweight!

The shelter listed Dauphine-Bijoux for adoption on Petfinder, where her future momma would find her. From the first moment she laid eyes on Dauphine-Bijoux, she knew they were meant to be, and she raced down to adopt her. Her momma designed Dauphine-Bijoux her very own fancy dog carrier as they were all too big for this four-pound pup!

Dauphine-Bijoux has lived with her doting momma for nine years now, being spoiled rotten. This dog, that was previously emaciated, slowly grew to be overweight, and is now on a diet with her vet’s help! Nowadays, she spends her time going to fancy bistros with her momma and enjoying long walks on the beach or down the busy city streets.

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