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Dog seen Wandering The Streets Of Houston After Hurricane Harvey. When They See What He Is Carrying No One Can Stop Smiling

August 30, 2017

It goes without saying that dogs are some of the most loyal beings on the planet. If you have the privilege of being a dog owner, you know that there is a special bond formed between you and your K-9 companion. But, even the bravest of dogs can get scared from time to time. A dog named Otis is one such dog. Otis is brave and loyal to a fault but when the events in Houston, Texas, happen around him, he becomes a little frightened. Not to worry, though, he knows exactly how to make himself feel better.

After the storm passes, Otis makes his way outside to survey the damage around his owner's home. Seeing that the flood waters are not as high around his porch, Otis takes off, running down the street. The storm is over but Otis is still very scared. His owners are concerned because he never leaves without them and the conditions in Houston are still not safe for wandering the streets. Otis, however, has an idea in his head and he will not stop until he gets what he wants.

Otis is well-known around his community so, when people see him wandering the streets alone, they are, understandably, concerned for his well-being. One woman notices Otis enter a local store and, within minutes, Otis emerges with a large bag in his mouth. Upon further inspection, the woman realizes that Otis has found himself a bag of dog food to take home with him. Otis knows that his fears can be cured with a good meal. He takes his food back to his home and waits on the porch for his owner to come open the bag for him. It is good to know that, even with tragedy around him, Otis is able to bring a smile to people's faces. Watch the video, below, to see Otis take initiative.

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