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Doggie Sisters Have Animal Friends Of Every Kind And Are The Perfect Protectors For Each And Every One Of Them

July 21, 2017

If you grew up in a small town like I did, you probably grew up surrounded by farms. Whether your family owned one or you had a friend who lived on one, farms were part of life and where there were farms, you can be sure there were lots of animals. Cows, chickens, pigs, and ducks are but a few of the animals you could find. The two dogs in this story grew up on a farm, surrounded by all the animal friends they could handle.

Loryn and Freya were two of the most lovable dogs anyone had ever met. The two doggie sisters had a loving family that gave them all the attention they wanted. This was no small feat because the family lived on a farm, which meant that Loryn and Freya were surrounded by hundreds of animals.

The family had horses, cows, and just about any other animal you could possibly imagine. The doggie sisters didn't seem to mind though. In fact, Loryn and Freya loved every single one of their animal siblings, big and small. The sisters took it upon themselves to become the guardians of every single animal on the farm.

Loryn and Freya dedicated much of their time to roaming around the farm and checking on each animal group individually. They wanted to make sure every single animal got equal play time. This, again, was a rather hefty task, considering the amount of land the dogs had to cover in a day.

Loryn had a soft spot for the baby animals on the farm. Baby goats, kittens, and little baby chicks were some of her favorites and Loryn dedicated a lot of her time to cuddling every single baby that she could. Loryn would even bring the babies into the house so they could sit on the couch together.

Freya was more of the protective sister. She spent her time making sure that every animal, baby or adult, had enough food and water, as well as enough space to run around when they needed to. It was a full-time job but Freya didn't mind one bit.

The two doggie sisters were the perfect balance to one another and, at the end of the day, they made sure to spend some quality time together, just the two of them. Loryn and Freya were grateful that they got to grow up with so many unique siblings around them and loved the life they got to live together every single day. Watch the video for a cuteness overload as you see the doggie sisters and all of their animal siblings.

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