This Pit Bull's Adorable Smile Saved Her From A Life On The Streets And She Brightens The Life Of Everyone She Meets

July 21, 2017

If you have ever owned a dog, you know how much joy they can bring a person. Dogs are loyal to a fault and have an adorable tendency to become best friends with their owners. The smile that dogs can put on people's faces is only matched by the smile that all dogs have in their heart when they are loved. The dog in this story, however, wears her smile on the outside 24/7.

When rescuers found Shortcake, the pit bull, on the street, they instantly knew she was special. Shortcake was smiling ear to ear. Despite being surrounded by difficult circumstances, she seemed so happy to just to be alive. Even though she had severe mange and a hernia, nothing could wipe the smile off the dog's face.

The rescuers knew that they did not have any room at the shelter to house Shortcake but one look at her adorable smile moved their hearts and they decided to make the situation work. Because of the lack of space at the shelter, however, the rescuers first priority was finding Shortcake a forever home.

The rescuers posted Shortcake's picture online and her smile caught the attention of many applicants that were willing to give her a forever home. One woman, in particular, saw a picture of Shortcake a knew that she needed to meet her. So the woman put in an application and drove three hours to meet the lovable dog.

Once the woman came face to face with Shortcake she knew she had to take her home. It was love at first sight. The paperwork was filled out and, just like that, Shortcake was on her way to her new home with her new mom. Life had certainly taken an amazing turn.

Shortcake was soon living the life she always deserved. Her parents took to calling her "Lady Shortcake" like the princess that she was. Shortcake even formed a special bond with the little neighbor boy. The two spent hours sitting on the couch, giving each other kisses. Lady Shortcake's smile was infectious to everyone she met.

Lady Shortcake even went to work with her mom to provide a little stress relief for the people in the office as well as for anyone who decided to visit the office. Lady Shortcake also loved taking naps. Lots of naps. From life on the streets to a life of luxury and fun, Lady Shortcake's smile never left her face. People may have saved her life but her life brightened the day of every person around her. Watch the video below to see Lady Shortcake and her infectious smile.

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