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Family Dog Stay Behind In Burning Home. When Firefighters Learn Why, They Spring Towards The Home

November 13, 2017

It’s often said that things aren’t always what they seem. I’ve never known that phrase to be so true as it is in this job. Every day, we scour the Internet to learn of the most captivating and fascinating stories, and many times, we are absolutely blown away. This next story is no exception.

Recently, a family in Melbourne, Australia found themselves in tragedy as their house was being burned. By the time the local fire department had arrived, the entire house was up in flames. Luckily, the family was safe outside of the house, along with one of their dogs. However, their other dog, Leo was still trapped inside.

After learning that Leo was still inside the fire, firefighters ran inside the house to retrieve him. The searched every level of the house and were unable to find him. The flames grew fiercely and began to swallow up the house. Just as they were getting ready to evacuate the house for good, one of the firefighters noticed something white and furry tucked between against the wall. It was Leo!

The fireman bolted over to Leo began yelling his name, but Leo wasn’t moving. As soon as got to him, he put his hand under him to lift to safety. That’s when the firefighter’s jaw dropped. Leo was lying over four small kittens. The firefighter couldn't believe what he was seeing. He immediately motioned for his partner to run over. He handed over Leo and he picked up the four kittens. Together, they ran out of the house.

As soon as they were out of the house, it started to crumble to the ground. The first responder immediately gave Leo oxygen and prayed for him to wake up. Sure enough, after some of the longest and most frightening moments, Leo finally gained consciousness. They had just barely saved his life.

After a couple minutes of oxygen, Leo was able to breathe independently. What came next was truly moving; instead of running over to his family, Leo began frantically looking around for the kittens that he had so loyally guarded. The fireman that had saved him knew exactly what he was looking for. He brought them over to Leo and Leo lovingly began licking and snuggling the kittens.

Both the fireman and the family were completely shocked. In no way had they expected Leo to sacrifice his life for the kittens. But he did; He nearly lost his life to protect the kittens from the smoke. Without his protection, the kittens surely would have had a different fate.

This story is so inspiring! Leo sacrificed everything in order to protect the helpless kittens, and he captured our hearts in doing so. He is surely an unlikely hero! Thank you, Leo, for your love and unconditional protection! You are a hero!

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