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Family Dog Refused To Leave Burning House, When Firefighters Found Him, They Were Astounded By Why He Stayed Behind

August 22, 2017

It should come as no surprise to anyone that dogs are some of the most loyal beings on the planet. From the biggest to the smallest, dogs have the instincts of a protective parent or sibling embedded into their very DNA. These protective instincts are not only shown towards other dogs. Dogs are adept to protect their human companions and even other animals, no matter how different they are. This was most definitely the case with a family dog who risked his own life to protect the ones he loved the most, even though they were nothing alike.

One evening, a family's house, unfortunately, caught fire. A mother and her three children got out of the house safely with their dog Barney but when they looked around they noticed a critical member of the family was missing. Their other lovable dog, Leo. The family could still hear Leo inside but no matter how many times they called for him, the dog refused to come out. Firefighters arrived on scene and the family begged them to save their beloved dog. The firefighters immediately ran into the flaming house to find the dog. When the team found Leo, he was unconscious but alive. It was what Leo had been guarding, however, that took everyone's breath away.

Underneath Leo were four small kittens. Leo had refused to leave the kittens to perish in the fire and remained by their side until help finally arrived. The firefighters quickly got Leo and his four kitty siblings out of the house. Leo was immediately given oxygen and soon the dog had regained consciousness. After being checked out and given a clean bill of health, Leo was reunited with the newborn kittens that he was so determined to protect. That night, Leo went from loyal family dog to genuine hero. Wach the video below to see the news coverage of Leo's incredible story.

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