Tiny Foster Kittens Refused To Go To Sleep At Night, When Dad Set Up Camera To See What They Were Doing The Footage Was Priceless

August 24, 2017

I think it is safe to say that everyone on the planet thinks that kittens are absolutely adorable. Even if you aren't a cat person, it is hard to resist a feline when it is just a tiny ball of fur with the cutest meow you've ever heard. Not only are kittens cute but they are also extremely playful and energetic. But, they also enjoy a good nap time every now and again. The four kitten siblings in this story, however, did not seem to value sleep at all and their dad decided to see exactly what they were up to when they were supposed to be snoozing.

One afternoon, a man named Chris found four feral kittens in an abandoned house. Chris and his friends were part of a rescue organization that helped find animals in need and then assist in the adoption process afterward. Chris took it upon himself to take the four kittens home with him and foster them until they were healthy and trusting enough to be put up for adoption. Chris loved playing with the little kittens all day long to help build their trust in human beings and the kittens obviously loved being in a safe environment. The kittens, however, seemed uninterested in sleeping, ever. Whenever Chris went to bed at night, he could still hear the little siblings horsing around with each other.

Chris decided, after a few nights of hearing the kittens play, to set up a camera in their cage to see why exactly the kittens would not go to sleep. The footage he got was absolutely adorable. The kittens spent their nights jumping on each other, climbing up ropes and generally causing a ruckus with each other. One cat in the back corner did seem to be a little more prone to take a snooze than the others but, with all the noise his siblings were making, there was little chance of him catching a cat nap. Hopefully, Chris taught the little siblings the importance of sleep eventually. Watch the video below to see the hysterically adorable footage!

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