Meet This Vampire Cat Look-A-Like Who Is Famous For Her Fangs

August 24, 2017

Meet Loki, the cutest little cat in the world, the crazy thing is she is not just a cat but a vampire too. Okay, she's not really a vampire but this adorable feline sure does look like one with those pronounced pair of fangs. Luckily for us, she just has those sharp teeth and is not on the prowl for humans.

Loki is a famous cat with 264k followers on her Instagram account @loki_kitteh and her 925 pics/video posted are pretty popular. If you get the chance, hit the follow button, you'll be blessed.

Vampires may hate the sun but not Loki, she loves it among other things. This cat also loves affection and can't get enough of it so don't let the fangs deceive you she's a lover, not a blood sucker. Loki is one great cat! We think Grumpy Cat had nothing on her. 

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