Giant Of The Sea Comes Close Enough To Touch, Then Diver Sees Something Is Wrong And Swims Over

August 10, 2017

If you are anything like myself, you are probably fascinated with the ocean. From the amazing waves we see on the surface to the very depths that contain hidden adventure, the ocean provides with a sense of wonder that we can't find anywhere else. Another thing that many have found fascinating about the ocean is all the wonderful and interesting creatures that dwell within. The divers in this story encountered one such creature of gargantuan proportion and gained a once in a lifetime and heroic experience.

One afternoon, some friends were having the time of their life, deep sea diving near Baja, Mexico. They had seen all types of fish and other sea creatures but nothing prepared them for what swam up to them out of the depths. It was a giant whale shark! The friends were speechless because the whale came close enough for them to touch. One of the divers, however, noticed that the whale seemed to be in distress so he swam over to the gentle giant and, immediately, discovered the problem.

There was a large rope wrapped around the girth of the whale and it was cutting into the whale's fin area. Working quickly, the diver cut the rope and carefully removed it from the injured area. Once the rope was removed the whale seemed to know it was free and even gave a cry of thanks as it swam away. Needless to say, when the friends went diving that day, they didn't expect to finish the day as heroes! Watch the video below to see the incredible encounter!

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