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Three Dogs Lived On The Streets For Eighteen Months Following The Death Of Their Owner, Now They've Been Rescued And Are Waiting For Their Forever Home!

August 11, 2017

No matter how much an owner loves their dog, sometimes things happen. When the owner of Fred, Ricky and Ethel died, the dogs were thrown out on the street like trash and left to fend for themselves. One important thing for every pet owner to do, no matter how much you think your family would be responsible, is to include plans for your dogs in your will or living trust.

Eighteen months after these three dogs were turned loose, Hope For Paws heard about their plight and decided to help. The dogs had been living near their owner’s old house as they waited for him to return every day.

When they arrived at the owner’s old house, they went entered the property and asked the new resident for permission to search for the dogs. When permission was granted, they scoured the property and found Fred hiding in the brush of the side yard. They were able to easily catch him, but the other two were nowhere to be found so they headed to a local mini mall where the dogs were often spotted.

When they arrived at the mini mall, they found the remaining two dogs sleeping in the shade. Ricky was sound asleep underneath a car, but Ethel woke right up when the rescuers approached. They acted fast and got a leash around Ethel’s head so she couldn’t get away. Ricky remained asleep while one of the rescuers retreated to find the next slip lead. The other rescuer stayed where she was, holding Ethel’s lead and tried to keep her calm.

By the time he returned with the other slip lead, Ricky had awoken and was staying by Ethel warily. He was very worried about her safety and did not want to abandon her. The rescuer made the decision to go back around the cars to sneak up on Ricky. His plan was a success and the final dog was then caught!

The three dogs were then re-united at the rescue where they were given all their shots, and given a checkup by the vet. Once they passed their health checks, ARK Animal Rescue took over their care and placed them into foster homes.

ARK is a great rescue - I actually adopted my dog growing up from them! It’s safe to say those three are in truly amazing hands while they wait for their forever homes!

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