Little Baby Pets A Cat For The First Time And Her Reaction Is Absolutely Priceless

August 11, 2017

Watching small children experience the great, big world around them is something magnificent to behold. Their newness presents such an awe and wonder for everything large and small. They constantly want to touch, hold, taste, see, and smell everything around them. As a parent, you can’t help but smile with pleasure as you see their eyes light up at their newest discoveries.


Animals are much like that as well. They, too, want to see the things around them, experience all that there is to know about their surroundings. One of the most precious moments is when your darling pets meet your little baby for the very first time. Both animal and baby are hesitant about the other and examine every inch of one another. Because of a baby’s desire to touch, if they see a furry pet such as a cat or dog, they ultimately will reach out, wanting to pet its soft fur.



In the video below, this little baby is meeting her family’s cats. While they’ve been there since before she was born, she just came to realize their existence and was all too curious. The moment she met them was a precious moment to say the least! Check out the video below to see the whole sight unfold.

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