Born Without Two Front Legs Was Told To Euthanize. With Perseverance, Watch Nubby’s Determination To Succeed!

August 11, 2017

What if you were born without a leg or an arm, how would you react as you noticed everyone around you had two legs and two arms?  Would you give up on life and feel like you’re missing out on so much joy or would you be able to move upwards and onwards with life?  What would your mindset be?  

Though you may never lose a limb, you will encounter circumstances that you can allow to either make or break you.  I hope this story that I’m about to tell encourages, inspires and directs you to never give up and to live life to the absolute fullest capacity.


The story begins when a little boy Boxer was born without, not one, but two arms! The veterinarian recommended that the crippled little boxer, Nubby, be euthanized. It was assumed that he would never be able to live a full life due to his condition. Thankfully, his foster parents believed in sweet Nubby and chose not to give-up on him that easily!  So off they set on their journey to give him a second chance in life no matter what it took.

The beginning puppy stages were the roughest for little Nubby.  Esophagus issues, problems eating and the basic movements of getting from point A to point B were just a few of the every day to day trials that Nubby was faced with.  Could he ever learn to use only his back legs so he could hold his head above the ground?  Basic everyday movements were a challenge, but Nubby pressed on and continued to prove that his tough circumstance was not going to hold him back.


With much perseverance, Nubby learned to balance and push off with his back hind legs.  He also discovered that he didn’t need two front legs to cuddle, give kisses or appreciate the joy of being alive.  Nubby lived life to the fullest, conquered the trials and appreciated the good.  

As we live our days I hope you think of Nubby and realize that life is a gift!  Every single one of us has something to be thankful for and that it’s never too late to get back up and start again.  Watch this cute video to see Nubby’s progress and determination to succeed.

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