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Girl Is Excited To See Her Horse After 3 Weeks Away, Then The Horse Sees Her And His Reaction Is Incredible

August 25, 2017

It is always amazing to see the bond that humans are able to form with their animals. Whether it is a dog that becomes a best friend or pig that becomes like a member of the family, each and every bond that people form with their pets are special and unique in its own way. This is especially true and evident when we take a look at the girl in this story when she approaches her best friend, a horse.


A young woman exits her car one misty afternoon and approaches a large field. The woman has been away for three weeks and the first thing she wants to do is see her beloved horse. The woman brings along her favorite bridle and opens the gate which leads into the field. The field has a number of horses in it but one, in particular, sees the woman enter the gate and takes special notice. A smile spreads across the woman’s face as she realizes her horse recognizes her.


The horse is still a long way off but, upon realizing his best friend has returned, breaks into a full gallop towards the gate. Within seconds, the horse is nuzzling up to the woman in a friendly and loving embrace. The woman hugs her horse and whispers her hello into his ear. The two friends have reunited again. The only issue now is we aren’t sure if the horse will let his human companion leave his side ever again. Watch the truly beautiful reunion in the video below!

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