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Guilty Husky Lets His Mom Know Exactly How He Feels When She Asks Him About The Poop On The Floor

August 14, 2017

It is no secret that dogs are very good at getting out of trouble. Sometimes, all they have to do is look at you with those eyes and they are immediately let off the hook, no matter how guilty they are. Some dogs, however, are better at getting out of trouble than others. For some dogs, it is nearly impossible to hide their guilt, much like the dog in this story when he was questioned about a mess he had made on the floor.

One evening, a husky named Zeus was lounging on the couch in his parents living room, minding his own business. It had been a particularly uneventful day but Zeus was hiding a secret that he hoped no one would find out about. Unfortunately, Zeus was not so good at hiding evidence and his mom found out his secret in no time. Zeus' mom entered the room and asked the husky point blank, "Did you poop on the floor?" Zeus, knowing he was caught, decided that offense was the best emotional response to have at that moment.

Zeus howled in apparent protest to the questions his mom asked. He turned his head this way and that way, determined not to look his mom in the eyes. If he avoided looking at her, he avoided looking guilty, or so he thought. Zeus accused him of being a bad dog to which Zeus only howled all the louder. The husky refused to let his mom finish her sentence from then on, determined to prove his innocence. While Zeus may have been guilty, it didn't make him any less adorable. Watch the video below to see Zeus' reaction.

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