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Homeless Dog Tuna, Crawling On His Belly Terrified! Can Rescuers Teach This Chiweenie To Walk Tall And Confident?

August 14, 2017

You would never have guessed with over 1.9 million followers on Instagram, his adorable picture of living life (without a care in the world), and all the joy and laughter that he brings to so many lives, that things were not always warm and fuzzy for this little guy.  In fact, at one point things were quite the exact opposite but destiny had a different plan for this little Chiweenie.


At the very young age of three, Tuna was abandoned on the side of the road with nobody to call his own.  Fortunately, a nearby rescue spotted Tuna wandering the streets and took him in.  Poor little tuna was in poor shape emotionally! In fact, he was so terrified he would coward down and crawl on his belly instead of standing tall, confident and secure that he was loved.  


The world had been a harsh place for Tuna but thankfully things changed quickly and drastically.  Right away he was fostered into a home but very soon after she insisted on being his foster mom to forever mom.  This cute little guy had stolen her heart! Now Tuna spends his days soaking up the sunshine and brightening people’s days with his hundreds of adorable Instagram posts.  Through all the trials of life, he was still able to forgive, forget and live a full blessed life!  Tuna inspires us all that no matter how dreadful of a past one might have, never give-up.  Press onward and upward friends!  If you want a little joy and laughter today then check-out his Instagram posts.  They will definitely make you chuckle!