Hundreds Of Horses Were Stranded On A Small Island Due To A Unexpected Storm. Then Some Unlikely Rescuers Step Up To Save All 200 Horses

cute-hundred-horses-thumb.jpgHave you ever been caught in an unexpected storm? One minute the sun is shining, you have shorts and a tank top on, then the next minute there are high winds, torrential downpours, and hail. The weather is so unpredictable, you never know what a day will bring. Well, on a cold November day in 2006, that’s exactly what happened to a group of around 200 horses in a small town in the Netherlands, located about 90 miles outside of Amsterdam.

It started out as a typical day but quickly took a turn for the worst. A dreadful storm blew in and a tiny, muddy island was formed in the middle of the seawater. Unfortunately, that is where the horses were gathered. The water rose so high that they were forced to stay there for three long days. Multiple rescue attempts were made but ultimately failed. No one could figure out a way to get the horses off the island. For those three days, the horses shivered on the island, trapped with no food or proper rest, and they grew weak.


19 horses drowned or died due to exposure. As heartbreaking as it was, the rescuers couldn't let this heartbreaking news stop them from saving the horses that remained. Something needed to be done immediately because the waters were expected to rise again with the next storm. This would surely cause all the horses to drown. Friesian horse forum posted this, “Horses and riders sought… Only experienced riders with horses without fear of water.” 


Before long, help was on the way. Susan, Micky, Antje, Hinke, Christina, and Fardow answered the call for help -- ALL women! They immediately sprang into action, doing everything in their power to rescue the worried and frightened herd.

In the video, you’ll see what these heroic women did to save the lives of these horses. It's an amazing rescue. Watch the incredible video below.

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