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Is Your Name On This List Of Baby Names Making A Comeback?

April 27, 2017

Baby name trends always seem to be changing! I've always found it interesting to see what kind of changes happen over the years. There are always the same few that stick around year after year.

Names are important! When I had my first, we agreed on a name and I was afraid to commit to her name, Ava, because what if she didn't look like an Ava?! My husband thought I was crazy...and don't worry she does look like an Ava. :)

We liked Ava because we hadn't heard the name a lot but guess what name ended up being #1 that year?!

Yep, Ava!

Some names are classics and stick around, others change with what's current and some stick around for a while, fall away and then make a comeback.

Turns out there are 20 old-fashioned names that are making a big comeback!

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