Karuba Spent His Life In Hellish Conditions. Now That He’s Been Rescued, He’s Living The High Life

November 02, 2017

Karuba is a gorgeous russet-and-white Abyssinian Guinea Pig who lives with his beloved family, being spoiled rotten! He shares his momma with the fur-siblings he loves so much, Lili the Guinea Pig and Freya the Lab mix! Karuba loves the clover that grows wild in their yard come summer, and he’s always more than willing to pose for photographs when he’s asked!

Nowadays, Karuba is living the good life for a Guinea Pig but, sadly, it wasn’t always so for him. Karuba ended up at a rescue after being saved from his neglectful owners. Karuba suffered greatly for the first years of his life, and it was only thanks to the caring people who found him that he didn’t spend the rest of his life in that hell.

Karuba’s original owners didn’t take care of him at all. Karuba lived in a tiny cage with hardly any room to run around and be a Guinea Pig. They also neglected to clean his cage, forcing him to live in his own waste, unable to escape it in the small area. His coat was constantly messy, and he was beginning to become sick from the horrific living conditions he was forced to endure.

After Karuba was saved, he was brought to Petco as their featured rescue animal, to help him find his perfect forever home. Even though he’d been saved from the horrible conditions, he was still being denied one thing - a loving mother. Karuba waited, day in and day out, hoping that he would soon be adopted by a loving parent.

One day, a woman arrived at Petco, searching for a birthday present for herself. She’d decided to get herself a new small pet to join her family, and that was when she spotted Karuba in the rescue cage. She placed her finder on the glass, and Karuba tried to smell it, and that was the moment she knew Karuba would be going home with her.

Karuba still gets nervous around sudden loud movements, but he’s learning that he’ll never need to fear again. He’s overcoming his horrible past one day at a time, thanks to his new sisters and his adoring mother! Nowadays, his only real concern is how long until the clover goes away.

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