Kate Middleton Is Required To Always Wear Her Coat In Public For A Very Specific Reason

February 09, 2018

The Duchess of Cambridge has taught us many things throughout her time, thus far, as a member of the Royal Family.  We’ve learned a lot about how to present yourself properly in the public eye, how to gracefully love and respect those around you, and how to hold yourself with poised confidence. It’s apparent that she holds her position with high regard and respects the rules that come with the territory.

Another thing that many observers have gleaned from her is her elegant sense of style. She has a knack for properly putting together an ensemble that leaves everyone utterly speechless.

In the winter months, she’s left us stunned by her perfectly tailored coats of various styles and colors. No matter what styles she wears, it wows us every single time.

Have you ever noticed, though, that in the circumstances in which she is wearing a coat, she refrains from taking it off? There is, in fact, a reason for this and it isn’t quite what you would assume.

The royal protocol states she must always keep her coat on while in the eye of the public because removing it is considered very unladylike. This could explain why many of her outfits are stunning coat dresses. This is just one of the many rules for maintaining the look of a proper lady. Others include wearing nude stockings to cover her bare legs, perfectly groomed hair, and avoiding brightly-colored nail polish.

While this seems a bit rigid for the everyday way we dress, it perfects the ladylike look she seems to achieve effortlessly. This gives us one more reason to love and admire her more for her role as the Duchess of Cambridge. Check out the video, below, to see more of her gorgeous coats. If this doesn’t give you winter wear inspiration, nothing will!

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