Man Jumps Out Of His Car To Save Tiny Kitten Abandoned On The Freeway. Watch This Dramatic Rescue...

February 09, 2018

Can you imagine driving down a freeway, and in the middle of the road, you see a teeny tiny kitten? Well, that's what happened in Russia. But don't worry little kitty, you have a hero on the way.

One man stopped traffic and risked his life to save this abandoned kitten, while others swerved, barely missed, and even ran over the top of this helpless kitten. One man stopped his car and grabbed the kitten from sure death.

The rescuer was identified as Denis Degtyarev, from Primorsky.The kitten is doing well now and has found a new family. Thank you Mr. Degtyarev, you did what no one else would do. You are a hero in my book!!

It's safe to say this kitty has nine lives...or 16 lives.

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