This Is Really What Happened When Jackie Kennedy Met Queen Elizabeth

February 09, 2018

The Netflix drama, ‘The Crown’ has posed so many questions about real life in the Royal Family. Their life is somewhat of a fascinating mystery to us and we easily fathom what truly goes on behind closed doors. While this show is merely a depiction of their life, it has us wondering about certain occurrences.

In one episode, it shows John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy visiting the palace in 1961. During the show, Queen Elizabeth appears to be a bit jealous of Jackie Kennedy and their relationship is less than perfect, to say the least.

Queen Elizabeth gives Jackie a tour of the palace, and Jackie makes a few unkind remarks. This left many wondering if their relationship was accurate or if it was dramatized.

While we don’t know for certain the dialogue that was exchanged, sources near Jackie confirm that she did have a few critical comments after the visit. It is said that when they met again, Jackie is said to have stated that the Queen was “charming.”

If you had to guess based on their personalities, what do you think actually happened at the meetings? I always prefer to believe the best in others and think that this is built up much more than the actual occurrence was. Check out the video, below, to see the rest of the story.

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