Woman Is In Tears When She Realizes Her Engagement Ring Is Missing. Nine Years Later, Her Ring Is Recovered In A Place She Never Could Have Imagined

August 25, 2017

A couple named Justin and Margaret Mussel are enjoying a wonderful, romantic getaway together in Italy. One day while they are lounging around at the vacation home, Margaret makes a discovery that leaves her in tears. She looks at her hand and realizes her engagement ring is missing. In a panic, she and Justin begin to frantically hunt in every place imaginable for her beloved ring. They search in the couch cushions, in her purse, in the bathroom, and all throughout the carpeting.

After spending a great deal of time searching, they finally give up the hunt. Though she is completely heartbroken, she has to face the reality that her beloved ring is gone forever. Seeing the hurt in his wife’s eyes, Justin decides to purchase her a new ring but, in her heart, nothing could ever replace her original. As the years pass, Margaret can’t seem to get the thought of her ring out of her mind.

Nine years later, the Mussels and their two small children decide to take a vacation back to Italy. As luck would have it, they stay at the exact same home in which the two of them had stayed years earlier. While sitting outside on a bench in front of the house, Justin sees a strange flicker of light in the concrete sidewalk. This piques his curiosity greatly and he walks over to take a closer look. He is absolutely astounded by what he sees lying in front of him. There, in the crack of the sidewalk, sits Margaret’s original engagement ring! It has been tightly nestled in that spot for nine years and is still intact. Margaret is overcome with emotion and can’t believe that she is finally reunited with her precious ring. It is almost as though the ring has been patiently awaiting the couple’s return. Check out the video below to watch the full story unfold.

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