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When This Alligator Gets Himself Into A Dangerous Situation, It Takes A Team Of Brave Heroes To Step In And Save His Life

August 25, 2017

Alligators are majestic critters; these descendants of the dinosaur are fierce and determined. These prehistoric-like creatures are brilliant and strong, making for a species of fierce predators! In fact, they’ve been known to balance small twigs on their noses to attract birds looking for nesting material so they can catch them. Female gators are also devoted moms in caring for their young, and will fight to the death for them.

Sadly, these fascinating creatures are hated by many. As the human population grows and we encroach on the alligator’s habitat, we have begun to force them into more and more interactions with humans. This doesn’t always end well for people or our pets.

Although alligators are hated by the masses, there are some people who recognize the enchanting animals for what they are. The Gator Boys rescue team works out of the Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The Gator Boys rescue team is called out to help save an alligator who has managed to get himself into a risky situation. The alligator in question has been encroaching on the property of a man who had a vehement hate towards the misunderstood reptiles. The team is called in by the man’s brother, asking them to come save this gator who is being threatened by a gun.

When they arrive on the scene, they find the man aiming a gun into the culvert, waiting for the alligator to return so he can shoot it. The team requests that the man put down the gun and, when he complies, they begin to approach the culvert cautiously. One of the team members, Paul, races around to the other side to cut the alligator off and trap him inside the culvert.

The team sets to work quickly, poking the alligator to get him to spin himself into circles so he tires himself out. After a while, Paul is able to jump onto the back of the alligator and gain control so he can be removed safely. Acting quickly,  they tape up his jaws to keep him under control. Most of the gator’s jaw power is for crunching down on things, so they do not have as much power for opening their jaws.

After placing a towel around the gator’s eyes to keep him calm, they extract him from the culvert and remove him from the scene. The man who has been threatening the gator’s life shakes hands with the team, and thanks them for their assistance. The gator will be given the opportunity to live out his life at their gator park where he will never again have to worry about being shot.

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