Little Dog Gets A Big Surprise From Her Dad. Then She Makes The Most Adorable Nosies Ever [VIDEO]

June 02, 2017

It is always a great feeling when you see someone after they have been gone a long time. When my wife and I were dating, I went on a trip for a week, and yes I know that is not a long time. When I got home she was waiting for me at the door and she screamed when I walked up and the rest is pretty much a blur of happiness. Disgustingly cute, right?

We see a much different, but no less happy, reunion between this man and his little dog. The man had been gone for two months and his little pooch had missed him terribly. One day, the pup's mom walked in and said she had a surprise for her. The dog looked at the door and in walked her dad! 

The little pup immediately darted for the door to snuggle her dad, who she missed so much. The little pup made some of the cutest noises ever as she ran around, unable to control her joy. The pooch had so much to tell her dad, but that had to wait until she was calm, which took quite a while. WATCH the video below to hear the priceless noises of joy this little pup makes! 

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