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Whipper Was Abandoned At Birth Because Of His Bizarre Appearance. At Just The Right Moment, A Woman Saw His True Beauty And His Life Was Changed Forever

February 27, 2018

Nature can often surprise us in the most mysterious ways. What some see as a flaw, others see as unimaginable beauty. When it comes to animals, they can often be shunned from their own when they don’t look like the others. Unfortunately, if this occurs, the young have a slim chance of survival.

This hopeless scenario happened to a little parakeet named Whipper. From the moment he was born, his mother instantly disowned him. He looked unlike the rest and was an automatic outcast.

Whipper was born with a feather abnormality, causing him to look more like a pile of zucchini noodles than a bird. He had no family, friends, nor home and began to fear the worst. Just in the nick of time, a hero stepped in and turned his life around - in the best way possible!

When Julie Hayward found Whipper, she knew he was meant to be hers. His sweet little squeaks and chirps instantly warmed her heart, and his appearance brought her indescribable joy!

Luckily, his unique mutation causes him no harm, and he lives his life to the fullest just as any other parakeet would, just with better “hair.” Check out the video, below, to see the sweet bird. After watching this, you’ll wish he was yours!


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