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Man Noticed Herd of Cows Surrounded Something Peculiar. When He Looked Closer, He FROZE...

January 13, 2017

There are many times in life where situations occur that leave you at a complete loss for words. Something out of the ordinary captures your attention and, upon further inspection, you see things so strange that for a moment you think your eyes might be trying to fool you. This particular type of situation happened to one man and the story is unlike any we've ever heard before.

In Lincolnshire, England, a man named Ian Ellis decided to spend his afternoon at the Frampton March Nature Preserve for some leisure bird watching. It seemed like a typical day as he went about his normal routine. He got everything ready, found the perfect spot, and set his telescope up.

As he began to peer through the scope, something caught his eye in the distance. There was a herd of cows standing in a circle all staring at something in the ground. Knowing that this wasn't typical cow behavior, he couldn't seem to look away. He set down his telescope and walked over to the cows.

As soon as he realized what they cows were staring at, he froze in disbelief. To his utter amazement, there was an animal stuck in the mud - a baby seal! He couldn't figure out how a sea critter made its way out into the middle of a cow pasture.


The ocean was three miles away from where they were located. Ian couldn't figure out how the baby managed to make it so far from the water. What he did know, though, was that he had to do something to help save this innocent, scared little creature.

He immediately called upon rescuers and they took this little baby to the Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary. They soon realized that this five-day-old baby seal, now named Celebration, needed a great deal of medical attention, and fast.

They quickly began examining her to determine the accurate form of treatment. Check out the following page to read more about little Celebration!


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