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Man Plunges Car Off Longest Bridge In The World, Making Death A Certainty - Until Bystanders Do the Unthinkable

February 20, 2018

It’s one thing to witness a horrific car accident and maybe say a silent prayer for the victims; it’s another thing altogether to actually do something to help. Many of us would like to think that when faced with someone else’s tragedy we would step up and do whatever we could to give aid and assistance.

The reality, unfortunately, is that most of us would step back, afraid to do anything for one of two reasons. One, we think we couldn’t possibly help, or two, we don’t want to risk our own life and limb for the benefit of a perfect stranger. It’s only human nature, right?

Well, these fellow motorists apparently didn’t get that memo and when they saw the truck plunge off the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge, barely took a moment to think before they jumped into action.

Several bystanders in a Louisiana crash did not hesitate when a driver plummeted over the side of the world’s longest bridge. And they don’t even give a thought to their own personal safety.

Al Pike was the bravest of all. He stopped his car, hopped out, and started peeling off his outer clothes as he ran toward the scene of the accident. Before anyone had a chance to process what was happening, Pike had hurdled over the guardrail and nose-dived into the massive body of water.

The occupant had escaped the vehicle and surfaced but had no way to get out of the lake. Just then, heroes up above were readying their own contribution to the effort. Not only had they notified police, but they also had found a rope and were lowering it over the side so both men could be hoisted back up.

In the water, Pike comforted and reassured the victim as he waited for the rope to come down. Then, the hero was able to tie the rope around the injured man's waist and signal, to the people waiting above, to begin pulling.


This is teamwork at its finest, with everyone pitching in and doing what he/she could. It’s a reminder to all of us that, even if we think we aren’t cut out to be a hero, you never know how far a willing heart can take you.

In this case, one man is alive today thanks to the assistance of everyday human beings who were in the right place at the right time to make a difference in one man’s life.

To watch the heroic rescue unfold, just watch the ABC news video, below.

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